Bahrainis must end corrupt Khalifa rule: Analyst

112510608_0Collin Cavell, a former lecturer at the University of Bahrain from West Virginia, has joined Press TV’s Debate program to shed more light on the latest state of affairs regarding the democratic uprising of the Bahraini nation.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Professor, nearly everyday people in Bahrain are taking to the streets to call for the political reforms, but when can we see that day come?

Cavell: Well, the Bahraini people have achieved a … , practical victory this past week, as the Bahraini government, the Saudi Arabian government and its spokesperson, the national security chief Bandar Bin Sultan, has indicated to European diplomats that they will undertake a major shift away from the United States to demonstrate its displeasure with the US policy not to go to war on Syria, given the false flag chemical attacks of August 21, in the neighborhood of Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus as well they want to demonstrate and rebuke US policy of overtures towards Iran.

And they are saying as well that the United States did not support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when it cracked down and suppressed the democratic revolt in Bahrain, which began in 2011.

So, the people of Bahrain have achieved a major tactical victory this past week because it’s starting to distance Saudi Arabia from the United States, from its chief ally and supporter for the past 70 years and this is a major significant victory.

The people of Bahrain can be congratulated and they need to continue and protest, demand their democratic rights to bring this corrupt regime down because it is spreading chaos, havoc and pandemonium throughout the Middle East, North Africa region.

Press TV: and of course why is there a lack of media coverage of what is going on in Bahrain, especially by the mainstream media?

Cavell: Well, that is because the US has strategic interest in the region, particularly oil and natural gas resources; 40 percent of the world’s oil goes through the Strait of Hormuz, the United States has the Fifth Fleet located in Bahrain and it polices the entire US hegemonic interest in the region and the US claims to be supporting democracy, claims to support democracy around the world and yet if they advertise or publicize exactly what is going on in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia or any of the Persian Gulf kingdoms, the world will know for sure that we support dictators, we are hypocritical in our claim to support democracy and instead we support reactionary governments that go and kill people en masse; as we have been doing with our support of Saudi Arabia and its support for the Takfiri or hardcore fundamentalist fighters in Syria, which have been killing the people, the innocent people in the thousands.

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