Bahrain’s Prominent Leader impressed by late Imam Khomeini teachings


Honoring Sheikh Issa Qassem;
A special ceremony has been held in Tehran to honor Bahrain’s Shia leader Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem. The event titled “Messiah of Bahrain” is aimed at promoting the thoughts and ideas of Sheikh Isa Qassim behind the revolution of Bahrain. Similar congresses are scheduled to be held in Germany and Lebanon later this year. Several prominent figures of the Islamic world have taken part in the congress; Born in 1937, Sheikh Issa Qassem is referred to as the spiritual leader of Bahrain al-Wefaq National Islamic Society. The Bahraini revolution began in mid-February 2011, when the people, inspired by the popular revolutions that toppled the dictators of Tunisia and Egypt, started holding massive demonstrations. The Bahraini government launched a brutal crackdown on the peaceful protests and called in Saudi-led Arab forces from neighboring states. Dozens of people have been killed in the crackdown, and the security forces have arrested hundreds. Dozens of mosques have been demolished in Bahrain since the start of anti-monarchy rallies in 2011. Almost daily protests are held against the Al Khalifa regime, calling for the royal family to leave power. Amnesty International has recently censure d Bahrain’s relentless repression of anti-regime protesters, saying the security forces repeatedly use excessive force to quash anti-government protests.

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