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Barbaric Saudi Coalition resumes airstrikes over Yemen after short-lived peace deal

The Inhuman Saudi Coalition has resumed their air campaign over Yemen this week after a short-lived peace deal was put in place following the Saudi Aramco strikes.

According to a new report from Yemen, the Saudi Coalition heavily bombed several sites inside the country, including a number of Houthi positions in the Amran and Dhale governorates.

The report said the Saudi Coalition began their airstrikes on Tuesday by targeting the Houthi-held areas in the contested Qa’tabah District, hitting their positions inside Al-Fakher city.

The Saudi Coalition would then shift their attention to the Amran Governorate, where their warplanes would bomb the Houthi forces in the Harf Sufyan District.

They would later target the Houthi positions inside the small town of Harad in the Hajjah Governorate of northern Yemen.

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