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Basij Commander: US manages ISIS Terroristic Acts

Basij Commander: ISIS Terroristic Acts Manage by US
Basij Commander: ISIS Terroristic Acts Manage by US


Commander of Iran’s Basij Force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi said the US and Israel provide direct intelligence and logistical backup for the ISIS terrorist group, Al-Alam News Network reports.

“The ISIS’s theorization and ideology production center is in Haifa (Israel) and its field operations room in the region is the US embassy in Baghdad,” Naqdi said in a message sent to the Iraqi people on Thursday to extend his condolences over the martyrdom of the Operations Commander of Iraq’s powerful Badr Organization, Abu Montazar al-Mohamadawi who was recently killed in battles against terrorists around Fallujah.

He said that the US and Israel are after a successor to their former agent in the region Saddam Hossein as they are deeply fearful of the Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian youth’s outreaching the Zionist occupied Palestinian territories.

Yet, he said, all their plots will prove futile and the resistance movement will continue its advance.

Naqdi had also earlier lashed out at the US and Israel for sponsoring the ISIS.

“The criminal US created, equipped and armed the ISIS terrorist group with the help of the wicked Britain and the child-killing Zionist regime as well the petrodollars of oil-rich countries and they ordered it (ISIS) to carry out crimes and large-scale massacre of Shiites and Sunnis and disrupt their tranquility on the pretext of a sectarian Sunni war on Shiites,” General Naqdi said, addressing a gathering of thousands of Basijis in Lorestan province in 2014.

He noted that the western countries wanted to introduce a tainted image of Islam to the world by displaying horrible crimes and savage wickedness against children, women and innocent people with extreme brutality and savagery in a bid to harness the huge waves of Islamism and tendency for Islam in the world, specially the western countries.

General Naqdi reiterated that the arrogant powers had created the ISIS and every now and then they attacked the terrorists to portray that they were fighting terrorism while the American, British and Israeli military advisors were supporting them in the battlefield.

“The outcome of the actions of this terrorist current in Syria was unprecedented as it caused people’s high turnout in that country’s presidential election, which set as yet another example of the inefficiency of weapons and the victory of the resistance movement against the global arrogance,” he added.


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