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“Basing the country’s issues on others is a wrong approach”

The Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Imam Ali Khamenei met with the President and Cabinet Members on August 30, 2022. He spoke about some of the achievements made by this government over the last year and gave some important recommendations, including his recommendation to give priority to economic issues. The Leader explained, “The people have been ‘the main heroes during this time following the Revolution’ throughout all the incidents and events that have taken place. This fact is a lesson to learn from, and it shows all the officials how they should behave with this nation.”

In this meeting, Imam Khamenei spoke about the “bewilderment of the Arrogant Powers when confronted by the greatness of the Revolution,” “the continual enmity of the world’s Aggressors,” “how the country and the capital had been defenselessness against Saddam’s air strikes,” “the great number of terrorists throughout the country and the insecurity that existed in the first years after the Revolution,” “the decisive presence of the nation in the Holy Defense and in other fronts that have confronted the enemies,” and “the wholehearted, admirable presence of the people in various marches and ceremonies.” The Leader said that these are some of the issues that should always be fresh in the minds of the people.

In another part of his speech, Imam Khamenei said that the most important success achieved by the government has been to stimulate hope and revive the trust of the people. He added, “People see that the government is out there in the field and that it is busy working and struggling to solve the problems and provide services to them. These experiences have revived hope and trust in the people to a great extent.”

The Leader also drew attention to the fact that the government’s trips to various provinces are a shining, important matter. He said, “31 trips in the first year of this Administration to various points throughout the country – including deprived and remote areas, monitoring the work in the field that is being done, and showing a deep empathy with the people have been some of the other successes achieved by this Administration.”

The Leader of the Revolution stressed that the in-person, frequent presence of the President and other government officials among the people brings many blessings and good effects. With regards to this, he said, “Of course, a government of the people does not just mean that they go among the people. This should be done with exact planning and by benefiting from different views and opinions in order to attract people’s participation in various spheres of activity, including in economic and political areas.”

Imam Khamenei said that “eliminating this state of waiting for decisions to be made and action to be taken from outside the country,” “avoiding basing issues inside the country on others,” and “placing importance to domestic capacities” are some of the other successes that have been achieved by the Executive Branch.

Imam Khamenei explained, “Some people say we must definitely have relations with a certain country to solve our problems, but this is very harmful to the country. Basing the issues inside the country on others and waiting for them [to resolve the issues] is the wrong approach.”

The Leader of the Revolution highlighted the fact that in the current situation, the main priority of the country must be the issue of the economy. He stated that production is the main factor affecting the country’s economy.

In discussing agricultural production and referring to the food crisis following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Imam Khamenei stressed that food security is a very important matter. The Leader repeated his previous recommendation, which he has spoken of many times, regarding the necessity for self-sufficiency in basic items such as wheat. He continued on to say, “The issue of food security is a matter of top priority. It is a matter that should not be neglected.”

In the beginning of this meeting, Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Mohammad Mokhber, the Vice President, as well as some of the Cabinet Members, presented reports describing the performance of the 13th   Administration.

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