Battles of Jisr al-Shughur looms following repeated rebel attacks on Hmeimim Air Base

The Syrian and Russian militaries are mulling launching a synchronous; wide-scale attacks on north latakia countryside and west Idlib in order to further secure the Hmeimim Air Base and other strategic SAA positions.

This comes after the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a formal statement, stating that extremists are attempting to break through the Syrian army defenses in the northern part of Homs province with the use of suicide bombers, as well as attacks on the positions of government troops in Latakia province.

Jihadi groups in both Latakia and Idlib are repeatedly waging deadly attacks on the Russian military stationed in Hmeimim Air Base, using armed drones.

The prospected assault is expected to be spearheaded by the SAA’s elite Tiger Forces along with other combat units, and will be heavily supported by the Russian Air Force.

It [the assault] aims at recapturing all jihadi-held territories in al-Ghab Plain all the way to Jisr al-Shughur and the Turkish borders; concurrently with opening the frontlines in norther Lakaia countryside.

According to sources, the onslaught is set to be launched after concluding the southwest Syrian attack soon.

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