Behind The Headlines- Syrian Air Force annihilate Turkish Convoy on way to aid terrorists

Behind The HeadlinesIn a move likely to exacerbate an already bad situation, Turkey’s MIT, under orders from Hakan Fidan, its director, PM Erdoghan, tried to send weapons and ammunition to besieged and defeated terrorists of the Nusra/Alqaeda variety at Handaraat. Intel clearly implicated the Turkish-government-created Humanitarian Relief Foundation IHH (HRF) as a front for the MIT, Turkey’s CIA. A convoy with 4 trucks loaded with rockets, light weapons, American-manufactured assault rifles and Turkish commandos were on their way to save the necks of murderous terrorists who are awaiting a continuation of Operation Canopus Star. The HRF did not even coordinate its move with the Syrian government before it suspiciously rolled into Syria with its deadly cargo. But, as it turned out, a recon of the area by SAA troops uncovered the dead bodies of Turkish soldiers who carried identification proving they were a part of a commando battalion aiming to strike at the Handaraat Air Defense Base – a base which blocks all Turkish Air Force operations in the area. This base contains weapons systems which SyrPer will not discuss. Once the convoy approached the base within 7 kms, Lt. General ‘Issaam Hallaaq, Chief of the Syrian Air Force, ordered the jets out of the Kuwayris Airbase to annihilate the convoy. It took mere seconds for the jets to reach their target. Mission accomplished.
Source: Syria Perspective

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