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Beirut’s Dahiyeh Salutes Imam Mahdi (P), Prays for His Apparition

In the context of a plan set by Al-Mahdi Scouts Association, “Salam My Mawla” Islamic anthem was chanted on Wednesday in Beirut’s Dahiyeh (the capital’s southern suburb).

Huge crowds of Imam Mahdi lovers, of all ages, gathered in Ashura square to salute the 12th Shia Imam, reiterate allegiance to his leadership, and pray for His apparition as He is believed to be in occultation.

Occultation in Shia Islam refers to the eschatological belief that Imam Mahdi, a descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, has already been born and subsequently concealed, but will reemerge to establish justice and peace on earth in the end of time.

In light of the resounding success achieved by “Peace Be Upon You O’ Mahdi” Islamic anthem, which is originally Persian, Al-Mahdi Scouts in Lebanon decided to reproduce the same anthem audio-visually.

Under the continuous sponsorship of Hezbollah, Al-Mahdi Scouts has completed the audio version of the anthem and has been performing the visual version which is displayed in gathering events in various Lebanese cities and towns.

The events aimed at reiterating allegiance to Imam Mohammad bin Al-Hassan (P) have been held according to the following schedule:

1-Tyre on July 1

2- Zawtar on July 2

3- Beirut’s Dahiyeh on July 6

4- Baalbek and Mouaysra on July 8

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