Beirut’s Southern Suburbs Regain Stamina, its people fearless

Um-HassanHere the resistance’s people lies, addicted to the smell of dignity and pride. Here the Dahyieh people lies, filled with unbreakable determination and will. They are the most honorable of people that do not fear explosions nor terrorism. They are the sons of the Dahyieh, Mother of Life.

Beirut’s Southern Suburbs, also known as Dahyieh, was targeted on Thursday in parallel to the anniversary of the divine victory of the July war in 2006. However, the terrorists’ aim was foiled by the lively hearts that beat for the resistance and its leader. Here, in Dahyieh, life once again regained its health.

“Kill us, for our people will be more conscious”. These words uttered by the Leader of the Resistance years ago embedded in the spirit of this dynamic people. These words have become a school for all those who favor dignity over submission.

The impact of the blast that rocked the Roweiss district in the Dahyieh could never strike the faith and persistence of the people of dignity, for the blast only made them more committed to the resistance’s path.

A woman nicknamed Um Hassan quietly went to buy her groceries. This woman, who witnessed the moments of the explosion, stressed that the incident will not drift us from the resistance’s path, but rather makes us love it more.

“We are a people who brought victory, and we will not remain passive and wait for death. If dying in dignity is inevitable, then we welcome it. Our lives will go on,” she said.

“Every time you destroy, we will make the Dahyieh better than before,” Um Hassan proudly added.

Blood from the young Ayman Mohsen still showed in his shop near the site of the explosion, but he said, “We will not give up on the resistance to the last drop of blood.”

He further told al-Ahed News website of the force of the explosion that targeted the Dahyieh on Thursday, reiterating, “This aims at delivering a bloody message to turn the resistance’s people on its leader, but never will that happen.”

Um Ali, a woman in her sixties, stood in front of her damaged house in the explosion site, and said, “No matter how much they destroyed, we are here.”

“We will not fall and nothing will affect our support to the resistance. The leader of the resistance His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah alone protects us,” she added.

“Our will is strong and firm. Some Arabs send us weapons so we fight each other, but we are strong. Hizbullah’s men defend the nation before they defend the South because we are all brothers,” Um Ali reiterated. “We demand the government to face all terrorists and control the borders.”

In the first floor of a building near the explosion site is Dr. Ahmad Safieddine’s dental clinic, who expressed his high spirit.

“We are used to destruction and killing, but we quickly shake off attacks and come back,” Dr. Safieddine stated.

“They want to sow strife and turn us on the resistance that protects us, but we have nothing but love for it,” he added.

As for the other building adjacent to the explosion site, a woman in her fifties that goes by the name of Um Youssef and her family come over and tell us what happened with her.

She highlighted that “our spirits are high and our will is strong. The Dahyieh will remain victorious over all the tyrants of the world.”

“I survived here in the July war despite the destruction and bombing. We are a nation that does not fear terrorism,” Um Youssef said.

In the second floor of the same building, Hajj Hussein recounted the moments of the explosion.

He questioned what guilt the children committed to deserve this explosion.
“My children were playing in the house,” he said.

The Dahyieh today was a landmark for visitors from every corner. Um Ali came to the capital of resistance although she is not from its residents.

“I came in solidarity with the people of this blessed place and its people,” Um Ali commented.

Indeed, these people proved yet again that they will stay in Dahyieh with their hearts beating with the love of the resistance and the slogan “Death to us is a habit, and our reward is martyrdom.”

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