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Benghazi attack report lets guilty go free, for now

Well folks, we waited a long time for a big disappointment. The poorly named Benghazi Accountability Review Board found the usual sacrificial lambs to take the blame while absolving all those above them, including Congress and Hillary.

It was just business as usual in Washington, where dishonoring the dead is just another day at the office for some.

When I was doing some preliminary work on this story Monday before the unclassified report came out, I sought out an old Washington insider. He gave me a reality spanking. The outcomes of these inquires are usually decided upon before the commission begins its work.

The main goal is that those more powerful will always be absolved of any responsibility and the expendable heads will roll. Review Board members are selected based upon their understanding that this is how it works. Washington really is a jungle.

Even our 9-11 Commission was selected this way. The Democrat members’ job was to protect Bill Clinton from any blame, and the Republicans’ to hide all of George Bush’s. Anyone who finds this hard to believe must have missed the commission members afterwards when they publicly stated that they knew that witnesses had perjured themselves and others had withheld information. Was there any public outrage? No, none whatsoever.

All those testifying knew that it was just a show commission to bore the American people to the point that they forgot about it, and they did. On the tenth anniversary of 9-11, despite years of solid debunking of the commission report, there was not a drop of rage or protest.

If ever there was a country, or a people that sent out a message that ‘you can do this to us again, anytime that you want,’ it was America that day. I was ashamed, and I still am because I know they will do it again when they feel the need, that is unless we can get them first. And for us to do that, we will have to operate a lot smarter than we have in the past.

Four State Department executives were forced to resign this week for ‘systemic failures of leadership and management deficiencies.’ The real failure of course went all the way up to the Congressional appropriation committees who had kept the State Department budgets on a tight leash, and where corners are always cut. Those at the top never worry about being held responsible because that’s what midlevel people are for.

I was most disappointed in Admiral Mullen who I greatly respect for his past work, especially his public push back on the craziness of a pre-emptive strike on Iran which Israel’s American 5th column had been screaming for. He was used as a respectability screen in this sordid Benghazi report and went along for the ride. I would like to think that someone conned him with the old ‘it’s for the good of the country.’ It’s how they get nice people to do not nice things.

Everybody wanted Benghazi over. The Republicans had beat it to death and failed riding it to the White House, so they wanted that forgotten and a fig leaf provided to cover themselves. Obama certainly wanted it over, and more so Hillary. While having a very convenient accident which allowed her to avoid testifying, she quickly accepted all of the board’s recommendations without a drop of blood getting splattered on her. Way to go girl!

The Repubs did get nailed on their Benghazi media scams with Fox News. The bogus charges that the administration fumbled their response and could have saved those who died was debunked. “No evidence of undue delays in decision making or denial of support from Washington.”

Claims that the CIA station was blocked from making a quicker response were also untrue. The agent in charge delayed only to confirm that no local militia or government forces were on the way to relieve, and then deployed his resources.

There is nothing lower than using the corpses of your own people to win some cheap political points. But sociopaths have no conscience, and never feel guilt. That good men should die for such people makes their loss even more sad.

The intelligence we had at Veterans Today was more nefarious… that the whole event was an election October surprise designed to make Obama look weak on foreign policy and shave two points off his votes in the key swing states. He only won these by around 350,000 votes, one eighth of one percent of the total vote. That’s what we call a close shave.

Hidden in the big electoral vote landslide for Obama was how the Benghazi attack could have swung the race as it was intended if the public had bought into the trap. But the public was growing weary of Republican hysterics, and frankly they had a credibility and trust problem. They still do.

Veterans Today confirmed that a UAE Special operations team had flown into Benghazi a few days before the attack, as their movement had been tracked (another story for later). But no one knew why they had come. We were already looking into some shocking things involving the history of Romney’s offshore operations, his more public promises to the Likuds for an attack on Iran, and his foreign fundraising which was against US law.

Netanyahu’s attempt to force Obama into matching Romney’s pledge for an Iran attack backfired very publicly. Romney was behind in the polls and struggling to climb back up, so the October surprise trigger was pulled to put him over the finish line.

Frankly, we were fearing a staged stateside terror attack. Among the Romney backers, former clients and associates, are people who are in the body delivery business, the volume kind. He was their man and we felt they would have no hesitation at offering their services. And we knew he would do anything to get the presidency, anything.

Little known to the public was that elements of the intelligence community, here and overseas, were on high alert after the conventions looking for such plots. This effort included loyal elements of the military, which were not the ones who were being removed from command you have read about. We sleep better now.

The October surprise was initiated with the horrible California Muslim film with the perfect pasty, the Christian Copt credit card bank fraudster. The Likud Neocons went to the well again using the Rev. Terry Jones in Florida for his all day anti-Muslim webcast tirade that started the riots. We picked up right away that the media was paying no attention to where Terry Jones got millions of dollars for his webcast.

We tracked the webcast support to Pajama Media and the CATO institute, where the Koch brothers had recently gotten control over with a July court decision. Corporate media also never reported what they could have, that we found out… that Benghazi was not a rag tag al-Qaeda or militia group attack, but involved Special Operations trained people who were using communications jamming equipment.

The list of suspects went way down to ‘country sponsored’ ones, like the UAE and another small Mideast country who has a history of using surrogate attackers.

We had the Likud Israelis, American Neocons and their Jewish Lobby friends doing what they felt was their rightful duty. And that was seeing to it that America serves Israel very, very well so their elites can continue robbing the country while those on the bottom starve. They were going to ride Romney all the way to the bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, for their final haul.

The Benghazi attack was a presidential race coup attempt. This will never be made public. Those responsible will most probably be dealt with in the old fashioned way, with no indictments or trials as that is way too messy. And the public might go on a rampage and want to clean house.

The Minot and Barksdale Air Force base ‘missing nukes’ was also dealt with very quietly. The Army now controls all nuclear weapons on Air Force bases. And they can only be moved by written authorization by one of two very high up people. This was done for a very good reason… high treason in the military.

A Benghazi type attack could have happened anywhere we had a small diplomatic mission simply by attacking it with a company size force of Special Operations trained people, and the local security forces neutralized for a couple of hours. It’s not a hard thing to do. You just pull the forces together to do it and pull the trigger. And yes, this is much easier to do in a country where chaos is reigning with no central security.

Congress will now shell out the money to pay for a 1,000 more Marines guards and a lot more of the retired Special Ops people to work as State Dept. security. It was Congress’ responsibility to already have done this. God only knows the countless billions Congress has wasted in these overseas disasters that the accountants thought they could make up with tight State Department budgeting.

They always fix things after the fact, blaming someone else for the failure, giving themselves a pass, and then taking credit for fixing the problem. The least we can do is not give them a thank you.

One of the last shocking details in the report was the acknowledgement for heroic duty for a nurse who treated the injured in Tripoli and an employee who donated blood. I was so shocked I had to read it twice… heroism??? They cheapened the term simply to use it as report PR stunt. Only people with contempt for the public could do such a thing. We have much to fear from such people, much to fear.

If after reading all this you are starting to connect the dots that those involved with the first 9-11 had something to do with the Benghazi 9-11, then you are learning to be helpful in the future for things that will need to be done.

Thanks for your time. I will be back, and we will work some more.

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