Berri from Geneva: To Find Political Solutions for Region, Support Lebanon



House Speaker, Nabih Berri, said that political solutions were required for the region and Lebanon needed support.

Speaker Berri’s stance came on Monday during the 135st session of the General Assembly’s Inter-Parliamentary Union in Geneva.

Berri called for a just solution for the Palestinian cause and the contribution of parliaments in countering terrorism and drying up its sources.

He also asked for political solutions for the Syrian war and the problems in the region, calling for the necessity to support Lebanon in facing migrants’ crisis.

“Local and national parliamentary committees for Human Rights are not sufficient, we should create a parliamentary network at the continents’ level and at the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s level,” he added.

“We should also call upon parliaments to cooperate effectively and respond to institutions’ warnings,” Berri concluded.

At the sidelines of the conference, Berri held a series of meetings with Chairman of the Syrian Parliament, Hadia Abbas, Speaker of the Egyptian House of Representatives, Ali Abdel Aal, and other delegations and figures with whom he tackled the general situation in Lebanon and the broad region.

Source: NNA

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