Beyond Boundaries: Imad Mughnyieh A Complex Legend who Defeated ’Israel’

lvl120140214014709To them, he is the man who destroyed their dreams, legend, and army.

He is Imad Mughnyieh, the Resistance Leader, whose name irritated the Zionist enemy in his life and still does after his martyrdom.

And here is some of the names by which they used to call him: the “Fox”, the Mystery, the target, the Ghost, the nightmare, and the most wanted.

Six years on his martyrdom, “Israel” is still occupied by the man who altered the supposed engraved “Israeli” fate from an invincible entity to a humiliated and defeated army.

“Israeli” Haaretz daily described martyr Mughnyieh as “a senior Hizbullah leader and one of the most wanted “terrorists” by the United States and “Israel”.”

“Known by his alias, Hajj, Mughnyieh was skilled in evading capture several times by US security agencies,” it added, and mentioned that he had escaped several kidnapping attempts by US agents.

As the daily feared Hizbullah’s vow of retaliation, it praised Mughnyieh- the enemy’s mastermind- “who was known for his ability to simply disappear into hiding.”
This is “a stark reminder that Hizbullah may not have given up on avenging the death of Imad Mughnyieh.”

For its part, the Jerusalem Post daily chose to detail some aspects of the Leader’s assassination:
It quoted Beirut station chief for the “Israeli” spy agency, Eliezer Tsafrir, as saying:
“It would have required years of patient intelligence work by dozens of operatives,” he said.
In parallel, Tsafrir remembered how the “Israeli” agents in Lebanon were shocked by Mughnyieh’s tactics.
Regarding the assassination operation, the “Israeli” top agent highlighted that “the operation like the one that killed Mughnyieh would have been tremendously complex, requiring years of intelligence work, months of planning, and dozens of people.”

“It’s not a matter of just pressing the button,” he said, and pointed out “an operation like this would take tremendous amounts of intelligence _ human intelligence, not electronic intelligence.”
Recalling years of chasing the “Ghost”, Tsafris said: “You need the ability to find people, to check the location, to install the device, and to escape,” no simple task in the middle of a hostile capital.
Here is what the book “Spies Against Armageddon” said about “the Mossad finding and killing of Imad Mughnyieh” – on pages 301-302:

“For “Israeli” intelligence, the most important target in Hizbullah was its “defense minister,” Imad Mughnyieh. He had been the Mossad’s most wanted man-and also on the FBI’s official list-for many years. “Israel” tried to kill Mughnyieh numerous times…”

The book further detailed that “he was very elusive. Knowing he was a target, he changed his face, he changed his safe houses often, he changed his vehicles, and he barely traveled: only to Damascus, Syria, and to his masters in Iran. Until Dagan became the Mossad chief, those locales were out of bounds for “Israeli” assassination operations.”

Source: Al-Ahed news

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