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#BinSalman Delaying Najran Visit for Fear of #Yemeni Attack, #Saudi Soldiers in Battlefield Openly Cursing Him: #Mujtahid

Saudi whistleblower, Mujtahid, revealed via his Twitter account that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is planning a visit to Najran in order to face the accusations which condemn him for abandoning his soldiers in the battlefield.

Mujtahid added that the visit would be presented in media as being on the front lines, while, in fact, it would address the back lines where soldiers have been on alert for a long time.

The Saudi whistleblower also reported a wide scale of grumbling among the Saudi soldiers in Najran, adding that some of them started cursing bin Salman openly for abandoning them in the confrontation with the Yemeni forces.

Mujtahid pointed out that the Saudi crown prince has been delaying the visit for fear of a Yemeni rocketry attack on him of a security violation that may endanger his safety.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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