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Blair acknowledges Iran’s strength

The Iraq War Inquiry has grilled ex-UK Premier Tony Blair for the second time for launching an “illegal” war on Iraq as part of the 2003 US-led invasion of the country.

Tony Blair admitted that he disregarded his top legal advisor’s warning that attacking Iraq would be illegal without winning authorization from the United Nations (UN), but he made every attempt to justify his decision irrespective of the fact that the March 2003 invasion could not have won a clear backing from the international community.

When the former prime minister unleashed an all-out attack on Iran in his statements, it was obvious that he meant to derail the main agenda of the Inquiry and deceive the public opinion through leveling unfounded allegations against others to vindicate his absolutely and totally false decision to accompany former US president George W. Bush into a human disaster.

In yet another sign of his war-mongering nature, Tony Blair called on Britain and the US to launch a new attack on Iran.

He acknowledged that Iran was not only an influential country in the Middle East region, but a “looming challenge” that West must be prepared to face.

“I am out in the region the whole time, I see the impact and influence of Iran everywhere,” he said.

“I say this with all the passion I possibly can,” said Blair, now an envoy for the Quartet of so-called Middle East peacemakers – the United States, Russia, the EU and the United Nations.

“The West had to stop believing it was responsible for giving Iran more regional power and more roles to play,” he said.

“This is not because we have done something. At some point the West has got to get out of this wretched posture of apology for believing that we are responsible for what the Iranians are doing. We are not”, he boasted.

Tony Blair’s allegations against Iran are not something new. Whenever warmongers conspire to initiate a crisis to their own benefits namely to widen their reach into another country, to install puppet regimes, to control financial markets and to sell their weapons, they set the stage by accusing the country or a popular government of supporting terrorism.

Blair did the same thing when he boasted “I saw Iran’s negative influence everywhere, supporting terrorism and hindering regional peace process”.

“The fact is they are doing it because they disagree fundamentally with our way of life and they’ll carry on doing it unless they are met by the requisite determination and, if necessary, force”, he said.

Tony Blair appeared on Friday before the British inquiry into the origins and conduct of the Iraq war to fill in gaps from an earlier testimony about his unpublicized discussions with George Bush as the conflict loomed.

It was his second appearance in a year, reflecting the inquiry’s desire, according to its chairman, Sir John Chilcot, to “clarify what happened” when Blair led the country into a deeply unpopular war.

The last time he appeared before the inquiry, in January 2010 , he was questioned for six hours and mounted a fluent and unwavering defense of his actions.

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