Blast Kills 6 Film Crew during Production


Six crew were killed in an accidental explosion in a shooting scene of ‘Me’rajiha’ (Departing to Divinity), the latest production by Iran’s blockbuster movie director Massoud Deh-Namaki.
FNA reports said an explosive material used for stunt operations blasted during the shooting of the movie and killed the visual effects supervisor of the film, Mohammad Javad Sharifi-Rad and his assistant Mehdi Allah-Yari and 4 other production crew members, including Manager of Defa-e Moqaddas (Holy Defense) Cinema Town Ali Ranjbar, assistant production manager Reza Faraji, a stuntman and a supply man.

Also the set and costume designer of the movie, Hamid Shahiri, has sustained severe injuries and was rushed to hospital.

In 2002 Dehnamaki started his career as a filmmaker by ‘Poverty and Prostitution’, a documentary on prostitution that traces its roots to the evils of poverty.

In 2004 Dehnamaki directed ‘Which Blue, Which Red’.

Dehnamaki’s debut 2006 feature film ‘Ekhrajiha (The Outcasts)’ set a box-office record in Iran.

His most recent film, ‘Ekhrajijha 3’ (‘Outcasts 3’) (2011), is a political comedy. The film turned out to be a box-office success, breaking another record for the most selling film in Iran’s history.

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