Bloodbath awaits Syria under insurgents

Bloodbath awaits Syria under insurgents
A US-based historian has warned that Syria would become the scene of an “colossal bloodbath” should insurgents and terrorists gain control of the crisis-hit country.

Webster Griffin Tarpley told Press TV on Sunday “If the Free Syrian Army, if this Syria’s insurgent group Jabhat al-Nusra gang of death squads in particular should ever gain power over Syria or large parts of Syria, we would witness a colossal bloodbath that would certainly be the biggest in the current century.”
Tarpley said insurgents are trying to install “an independent, terrorist emirate” similar to Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
He warned “It would be a genocide machine unleashed in the Eastern Mediterranean.”
Tarpley also drew a parallel between the ongoing Syrian unrest and the 1990s’ Lake District of Africa genocide, saying, “And it would rival what we saw in the Lake District of Africa back in the 1990s that would be a genocide of Shiites, of Alawites, of Christians, Melkites, Maronites…Orthodox and others, also people who are politically not acceptable to these killers and also foreign citizens, tens of thousands of people from other countries who would also be candidates for execution.”
The American author said terrorists “are becoming more and more impudent and arrogant and insolent” toward Russia and the US for the latter’s insufficient support for them.

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