Bomb Defused near Palestinian Armed Struggle Chief’s House

A bomb was found Wednesday morning near the house of the Palestinian Armed Struggle Chief Mahmoud Issa, who goes by the nom de gurerre Al-Lino, in Ain Al-Hilweh Refugee camp in the Saida city south Lebanon.

Members of the Armed Struggle group defused the bomb, which contained 30 kilo grams of TNT and was attached to three mortar shells.

The bomb was also attached to a mobile phone and a timer, and was set to explode at 2:00 pm.

According to Al-Manar reporter, gun shots were later heard near Al-Lino’s house, and the reasons behind them turned to be personal.

The Armed struggle chief was quoted as saying that “we will stay alert to ensure the security and stability of our camps, in cooperation with all the Lebanese security apparatuses, and the Lebanese army in specific.”

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