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Bosnians honor Srebrenica victims

Thousands of Bosnians have gathered in Sarajevo to honor the victims of the Srebrenica massacre and prepare for a re-burial of some 800 newly-found bodies.

The remains of the victims were found in numerous mass graves scattered around Eastern Bosnia.

The bodies are expected to arrive in coffins at the Potocari Memorial Center for a re-burial on the 15th anniversary of the mass murder on Sunday, Press TV reported.

Presidential delegations from Serbia and the United States are expected to attend the ceremony.

“I lost three brothers and my husband, all, all that I had. I have lost everything. One brother was found three years ago, another brother I buried, but I haven’t found the body of my husband yet,” Reuters quoted a survivor of the tragedy as saying.

“Sometimes when it happens that I see it on television I switch the TV off. I feel the hair stand up on my skin and I can’t sleep … I start thinking of how it was possible to survive at all,” another survivor said.

During the Bosnian War on July 11, 1995, about 15,000 starving Bosnian Muslims were forced to escape on foot to the relative safety of the Muslim-held territory, Srebrenica.

Although the United Nations had declared the enclave a “safe haven” two years earlier, Bosnian Serb forces slaughtered over 8,000 men and boys to ethnically cleanse Bosnian Muslims from the area.

In February 2007, the International Court of Justice judged that the atrocities committed at Srebrenica amounted to genocide.

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