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Brave Yemenis reach outskirts of Saudi-backed coalition’s northern capital in Yemen

The Ansarallah Movement (Houthi forces) scored an important advance on Thursday, when their troops captured a strategic mountaintop and a nearby valley in the Marib Governorate.

According to the Ansarallah Movement’s media activists, their forces captured the Al-Nakhla area that consists of a valley and mountaintop after a fierce battle with the Saudi-led Coalition and Yemeni government troops.

The reports from this front indicated that the Ansarallah forces also seized parts of the Al-Suheil area after inching closer to the gates of the Marib Governorate’s administrative capital.

They would add that their troops managed to inflict heavy losses within the ranks of the Yemeni government forces and their allies from the Saudi-led Coalition.

As a result of today’s advance, the Ansarallah Movement finds themselves at the northwestern outskirts of Marib city, which is the de-facto capital of the Yemeni government in the north.

Should the Yemeni government forces lose Marib, it would be a devastating defeat, as the administrative capital serves as both a territorial and economic capital for the government of Abd Rubbah Mansour Hadi.

The oil fields in Marib would surely fall to the Ansarallah Movement shortly after the administrative capital was lost, which would further the Yemeni government’s plight inside the country.

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