Breaking: ISIS breaks-out into terrorist-held Idlib after Syrian Army squeezes terrorist pocket to limit


Hundreds of ISIS terroristS have burst into rebel-held areas of Idlib province after the Syrian Arab Army, heavily focused on securing the terrorist group’s last stronghold in Hama, left its western flank exposed to a desperate break-out assault by jihadist militants.

On Friday morning, hundreds of ISIS terrorists trapped in the stronghold town of Suruj in Hama province conducted a sudden blitz assault west of the town.

Concentrating enough forces, taking advantage of having total surprise and fighting desperately to avoid annihilation, ISIS managed to blitz its way through over a dozen government-held villages, reaching terrorist lines in southeast Idlib.

Although surprised by the attack against its western flank, the Syrian Army completed its original objective of seizing Suruj and the last villages near the fortress town after ISIS totally abandoned the area in its all-out push towardsterrorist-held Idlib.


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