BREAKING: Syrian Army launches final assault against ISIS in southwest Syria

Having secured almost the entire province of Daraa, the Syrian forces have shifted focus to the far western flank where the Islamic State controls a swath of land all the way to the Occupied Golan Heights.

The battle against the terror group was launched from two axes and by two elite units.

The Tiger Forces succeeded in recapturing the strategic Tall al-Jomou hilltop located to the southwest of Nawa, after fierce clashes with ISIS militants.

The highly-significant hilltop overlooks the ISIS-held towns of Tasil and Adwan to the south.

Meanwhile, the heavily-equipped 4thArmored Division engaged in heavy clashes against the extremist fighters of Islamic State outside Jaleen town; taking over Tall Ashtara and the nearby areas.

This advance puts the government troops in direct contact with ISIS jihadists holed up in the western part of the town.

The ground advance against the Islamic State was heavily propelled by intense aeria bombardment carried by Russian fighter jets.

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