Breaking: Syrian Army makes first advance west of Daraa city


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) made their first major advance west of the provincial capital of Daraa this afternoon.

According to a field report from the provincial capital, the Syrian Arab Army managed to capture the large hilltop of Tal Zamitiyah after a short battle with the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) Southern Front Brigades.

The assault on Tal Zamitiyah was led by the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Mechanized Division and Republican Guard forces; these troops were tasked with leading the offensive on the provincial capital.

This advance by the 4th Division and Republican Guard comes just hours after the rebel forces agreed to handover the towns of Tafas, Da’el, and ‘Ibtaa in northern Daraa.

The Syrian Army is now working to cutoff the rebel supply routes to the southern portion of the provincial capital, which is their stronghold inside the city.

No major advance has taken place inside Daraa city; however, an attack is expected to be launched in the coming days, as the troops inside the provincial capital await orders from their high command.

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