Breaking: Syrian Army scores big advance in Al-Safa after overrunning Daesh lines


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) scored another big advance in southern Syria this week after resuming their offensive against Daesh in the Al-Safa volcanic region.

Led by their 3rd Corps and 4th Armored Division, the Syrian Arab Army began their assault on Friday morning by storming the Daesh defenses at the northern and northwestern axes of Al-Safa.

Following a fierce battle that last for several hours on Friday, the Syrian Arab Army was able to liberate more than 1.5 kilometers of mountainous terrain after breaking through the Daesh defenses.

According to a military report from Al-Safa, the Syrian Arab Army quickly secured the ground they liberated by sending in reinforcements to begin digging in around this imperative area.

The report added that more than 15 Daesh terrorists were killed during the Syrian Arab Army’s large-scale assault on Friday.

The Al-Safa region is located in the Al-Sweida Governorate’s northeastern countryside; it has been occupied by the Daesh forces since their 2015 offensive.

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