Breaking: Syrian Army snatches 2 more towns in northeast Hama as troops prepare to strike at key ISIS stronghold


Sunday has witnessed the Syrian Arab Army’s offensive against ISIS in northeast Hama hit top-gear after weeks of being a mere secondary operation among bigger priorities by pro-government forces in Idlib and Aleppo.

Recently, military-affiliated scores confirmed that Syrian troops have chased Islamic State militants from the villages of Umm Kharizatan and Samiriyah, securing both and capitalizing on their advance earlier in the day which saw them take the town of Judaydah.

By this advance, Syrian pro-government forces are now with striking distance of a strategic Islamic State stronghold in northeast Hama – the crossroad town of Suruj.

Suruj sits along a key highway running between the cites of Hama and Aleppo, however it also serves a junction town that commands many secondary (i.e. rural) roads which run throughout the countryside of northeast Hama province.

Overall, the pace of the Syrian Army’s operation against ISIS across Hama province and other areas of northwest Syria under the terrorist group’s control is expected to drastically increase with the very recent entry of elite Tiger Forces Division into the battle.

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