Calls for global registration of Rouhani’s plan for world against violence

71f380231344d450078d547c4c2f85c6_LThe participants in the one-day seminar on world against violence and radicalism, which is convened in Malaysia, have called for continuation of Iran’s efforts to register this idea at the United Nations.

According to IRIB World Service, citing IRNA, throughout this confab which was held on Saturday upon the efforts of Islamic Republic of Iran’s cultural attaché in Kuala Lumpur; the Malaysian thinkers presented their viewpoints about the world against violence and radicalism.
An expert of the Malaysian Center for Strategic Studies, Azmi Hussein, who had attended this seminar, said the proposal presented by Iranian President, Hassan Rohani, on standing up against radicalism and violence has raised a unique opportunity which can lead to promotion of Iran’s status in the international scene.
A Malaysian university professor, Faisal bin Hassan, during his keynote speech at this seminar said this measure of President Rohani is a major accomplishment for Iran; and Iran can highly contribute to the campaign against violence.

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