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Cannabis factory found next to UK police HQ


British police have uncovered a huge factory unit filled with cannabis plants right next to their South Wales headquarters in the town of Bridgend.

A police spokeswoman said that three people had been arrested in relation to the factory on Friday.

“No further detail is available at present. A further update on how the investigation is processing will be given on Monday once more detail is known,” she added.

Locals have voiced their shock at how the cannabis factory was close to the police headquarters.

“No-one had a clue but it could have been going on for a number of years,” a local resident said.

According to the police the plants were grown in insulated boxes so that they would not be detectable by thermal imaging.

“Literally you could throw a brick from the back of this unit and it would land in the police station it’s that close,” said another local resident.

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