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Carter’s book depicts the painful reality of female trafficking in America: Imam Khamenei


A book written by Jimmy Carter – the former president of the U.S.- has been published which is named “A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, And Power”. Jimmy Carter says in this book, “Every year, 100,000 girls are sold as slaves in America where the owner of a brothel can buy girls – who are usually Latin American or African – at only 1000 dollars”.

He also refers to the rapes which occur in colleges where only one case out of 25 cases is reported. He goes on to say that only one percent of rapists are put to trial in the army. One cries when one reads such things. We can see many such writings in newspapers. I see such writings as well, but I never base my opinions on them. However, these are realities.

Jimmy Carter is a well-known personality after all and this is his book. What kind of situation is this? What kind of respect – towards women – is this? A well-known and famous western writer writes a novel for dignifying prostitution. This novel has been translated in Persian as well. This book points out how sex dealers go to Latin-American countries and take girls with them to sell them in such centers. They do this by giving the girls empty promises. Of course, this is related to Europe, not America. This book and this novel tries to pretend that prostitution is a dignified job. This is the western culture towards women. This is their respect towards women.

Statements made during a meeting with outstanding women; April 19, 214.


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