Latin America

‘Chavez suffers fresh complications’


Vice President Nicolas Maduro says Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez has suffered further complications after his latest cancer surgery in Cuba.

According to Press TV, Maduro said in a televised address from the Cuban capital Havana, on Sunday “We have been informed of new complications that arose as a consequence of the respiratory infection we already knew about.”
Chavez is recovering from a respiratory infection following his fourth operation in Cuba since he was diagnosed with cancer in mid-2011.
The vice president added “Nineteen days after undergoing surgery, President Chavez’s state of health continues to be delicate with complications that are being attended to in a process that is not without risks.”
Maduro, who has been appointed as the temporary replacement while Chavez is recovering, added that the president was facing a “tough situation.”
The 58-year-old South American leader won another six-year term in October’s presidential election and is expected to start a new term on January 10.
Chavez has named Maduro as his successor, asking Venezuelans to vote for him in fresh elections, should his health fail.

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