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Chile students, police clash at protest over reforms


Thousands of student protesters have clashed with security forces in the Chilean capital, Santiago, during a mass demonstration against the government’s educational reforms.

Joined by professors and high school pupils, students on Thursday took to the streets of Santiago to denounce the educational reforms proposed by the government.

The protesters chanted slogans and held banners and placards that read: “A country without education is a country without a future.”

The rally turned violent after angry protesters hurled stones and smoke bombs at riot police. The police also shot tear gas and used armored vehicles to contain the violence.

The mass demonstration was organized by the students’ confederation Confech, an organization which brings together students from the universities in Chile.

The government had authorized the march following talks between representatives of the Education Ministry and student leaders.

The protesters delivered a nine-point document demanding more profound reforms. The document urges free education and a restriction on broadly criticized privatization in the sector.

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