China: US Should Lift Sanctions amid Iran’s Fight against Coronavirus Outbreak

China slammed continued American economic pressures on Iran as the country is struggling to contain a coronavirus outbreak that has affected thousands of people.

China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Thursday that US bans on Iran’s import of medicine and medical gear would only deteriorate the outbreak of corinavirus.

Zhao said that unilateral American sanctions on Iran go against the spirit of humanity as the country is trying to contain the virus.

He said Washington should move to lift the sanctions and stop hampering efforts both by Iran and the international community to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday dismissed US offers for helping Iran in the fight against coronavirus, saying the Americans should lift bans on Iran’s access to medicines if they are really genuine in their humanitarian claims.

Despite the sanctions, Iran has mobilized all its resources to fight coronavirus with authorities saying that hundreds of people have been released from hospitals over the past days after recovering from the illness.

The Chinese spokesman said, however, that his country would continue to help Iran battle the spread of coronavirus.

Zhao said that China and Iran are comprehensive strategic partners that have always stood firmly together and supported and helped each other in times of difficulties.

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