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Cleric defines principles for stronger Shia Sunni ties


An Iranian cleric counted three principles for founding constructive ties between Shia and Sunni clerics.
Hujjat-ol-Islam Ahmad Moballeghi, head of the University of Islamic Denominations, attended a conference on “Relations between Shia and Sunni Clerics” held in the holy city of Qom counting three necessary principles for constructive relations between Shia and Sunni scholars, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” To avoid calling each other to conversion”, “To focus on scientific commonalities” and “Maintaining justice and to respect each other” are the three important principles for leading constructive ties between Shia and Sunni clerics.”

He said,” several convergence changes have been formed in the world of Islam since the victory of Islamic Revolution but we are still distanced with an active, fruitful and effective position.”

He added, “Commonalities can be an active hub for cooperative activities of Shia and Sunni scholars under the condition that they maintain these three principles.”

Head of the University of Islamic Denominations referred to the important role of commonalities in convergence, transcendence, human relations and interaction and noted,” One can always find a common point with other people and founds dialogue based on that but Shia and Sunni do not need that because they have an endless list of commonalities.”

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