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Cleric stressed importance of diplomacy of unity among Muslim nations

An Iranian scholar praised “Diplomacy of Unity” and counted the principles to maintain solidarity among Muslim nations.

Hujjat-ol-Islam Mohammad Mahdi Taskhiri, Director of Taqrib News Agency (TNA) stressed the principles for founding a unified Islamic nation and related on the methods employed by enemies of Islam to undermine Muslim unity, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Iranian scholar reiterated Islamic fraternity, mutual cooperation among Muslims, avoiding desecration of sanctities of other denominations and spreading interfaith dialogue as well as foiling plots against Muslim unity.

Spreading the knowledge of nations from each other, paving the way for multi-dimensional cooperation between nations, knowing the common enemies of Muslim nations and also confronting excommunicative symbols were also among other principles stressed by Hujjat-ol-Islam Mohammad Mahdi Taskhiri.

He referred to the losses and sufferings of Muslim world and slammed mismanagement of some tyrannical rulers as well as invasion of colonial powers as the reasons for that.

“Colonial powers have been following their seditious policies to tear Islamic governments into smaller, weaker and eventually aggressive nations by following the strategy of “Divide and Rule”, he said.

According to this religious figure, Diplomacy of Islamic unity means to make the best of all opportunities and potentialities to found a unified Islamic nation.

“This diplomacy derives its principles from Qur’an and lifestyle of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to the point that the principles for relations with foreign non-Muslim governments are inspired by this pattern” the cleic concluded.

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