Cleric warns against infiltration of British-style Shia



Grand Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, in his Friday sermon in Qom warned against dispersion as a plot of the enemies to infiltrate into Muslim communities calling Muslims not to distance from their Islamic identity, reported Taqrib news Agency (TNA).

He called expansion of disunity in the Islamic nation as a punishment and a heavenly torment for Muslims saying,” Disunity in the world of Islam is the result of ignoring recommendations of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and with that begins the way towards annihilation; therefore, people from different walks of life should maintain their unity.”

The cleric noted,” British premiere, accusing Iran of warmongering policies, has provoked world countries for an anti-Iran campaign while different wars in the Middle East region have been imposed by the US and UK” adding,” This is while at present the US is supporting terrorist groups in Yemen and Syria because it is in pursuit of expanding war among Islamic countries.”

Ayatollah Araki warned against infiltration styles by the enemies and said,” Making use of religious disagreements as a means of creating violence and hostility is on top of the enemies’ agenda.”

He noted referred to years of friendly ties between Shia and Sunni, a connection which has been marred by presence of colonial countries in the Middle East region.

Ayatollah Araki said,” By British-style Shia we do not mean the Shia community in Britain but the distorted version of the Islamic denomination by the British government which is supported by the intelligent services.”

Iranian cleric stressed vigilance of the society against British-style Shia and added,” Some certain organizations are supporting British-style Shia and since they have infiltrated into our religious gatherings, then we should struggle to prevent their activities cautiously.”

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