Commander: Hiding from the radar systems “has no meaning” for Iranian forces

The assistant coordinator of the Iranian army’s air defense command, Brigadier General Abul-Fadl Sepahri Raad, announced the date of disclosing the 27 military achievements of the Iranian air defense, stressing that hiding from the radar systems “has no meaning” for the Iranian forces.

In statements carried by the Iranian Fars News Agency, in which the Iranian general spoke about the establishment of the Iranian army’s air defense nearly 102 years ago, Sephari Raad noted that the number of flights crossing Iranian airspace currently stands at 300, which are monitored and determined immediately and accurately.”

Sepahri Raad stated that if the range of threats increases, air defense systems are forced to “look beyond our range and increase the range of radar systems”, because threats in air defense are very quick.

The Iranian general revealed “huge leap in the field of Iranian military equipment,” stressing that “there is no target or threat to air defense that cannot be detected. Hiding from radar is meaningless for the army’s air defense,” noting that Iran’s air monitoring range reaches more than 3,000 kilometers.

He noted that Iran will unveil 27 military achievements on Thursdsay in the field of air defense equipment.

The Iranian general further touched on some of the achievements made in the fields of drones, in terms of control orders, simulators, and achieving complete self-sufficiency.

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