Commander: Iran’s Army at Peak of Readiness

A senior Iranian Army commander announced that the country’s Air Force is currently at the highest level of its defensive and combat preparedness.

Deputy Commander of the Iranian Army’s Air Force Second Brigadier General Qassem Khamoushi underlined that “today, Iran’s Army Air Force is much stronger and powerful than the eight years of Sacred Defense (Iraqi imposed war against Iran during 1980-1988).”

“Iran’s Army Air Force is ready to defend the Iranian lands and territories with its utmost power,” he added.

General Khamoushi reiterated that the Air Force has played its role successfully in all military drills.

“The Army’s Air Force of the country will not allow any of the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran to attack Iranian soil under any circumstances,” he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to the special role of Army’s Air Force in the military drill entitled “Conquerors of Kheibar” held in Northwest of the country and stated that in this important military exercise, the air support of the operating units was done by the Army ‘s Air Force which has bene successful so far.

Entitled as ‘Fatehan (Conquerors) of Kheibar’, military drill of Iran’s Army Ground Forces started in Northwestern parts of Iran on Friday Morning.

The armored units, artillery, UAVs with the support of Army Air Force helicopters were taking part in the military exercises.

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