Commander: Iran’s Navy Prepared to Train Sudanese Naval Forces

A0772955 (4)Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari voiced Iran’s enthusiasm for stronger naval cooperation with Sudan, and announced that his forces are prepared to train Sudanese naval forces.

Speaking in a meeting with his Sudanese counterpart on Thursday, Sayyari announced that cooperation between Iranian and Sudanese naval forces will improve in future.

Iran is ready to train Sudanese naval forces in Nowshahr Marine Sciences University, Sayyari noted.

Sayyari also said that unity between the two countries’ forces will be effective in confronting their common enemies.

Commander of Sudanese Navy General Dalil al-Daw Muhammad Fadhalallah, for his part, called for the transfer of Iran’s naval experience to his country in a bid to protect the security of the Red Sea.

In December 2012, the Iranian Navy’s 23rd fleet of warships, including home-made Jamaran destroyer, entered Port Sudan.

The fleet, comprised of Jamaran destroyer and the logistical chopper carrier vessel, Bushehr, docked in Port Sudan after passing through the strategic Strait of Bab el-Mandeb and accomplishing its mission in the Red Sea.

Late in October, the Iranian Navy’s 22nd fleet of warship had docked in Port Sudan.

The Iranian Navy’s fleet of warships was comprised of Khark warship and Shahid Naqdi Destroyer. Khark has 250 crewmembers and can carry three helicopters.

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