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“Conference excludes Wahhabism from Sunni Islam.” Cleric



Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Ameli, Friday prayer leader of Ardebil Province in Iran, referred to the recent conference by the Sunni community which had recognized exclusion of Wahhabism from Sunni Islam as the sole way for Muslim unity noted the event as the hardest blow to Wahhabi movement, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” In this conference which was participated by 200 grand Sunni scholars, including the head of Al Azhar University, it has been agreed that Wahhabism and Takfiri groups are not part of the Sunni community excluding both from Sunni Islam.”

Representative of Ardebil Province in the Assembly of Experts added,” In this conference Wahhabism was rejected for relating itself to Sunni community bringing division in the world of Islam by Takfir and scaring the people.”

He slammed Wahhabism for the stigma for Islam and said the only way for solidarity of Muslims is in exclusion of the group from Sunni Islam.”

Senior cleric noted that,” Throughout the history, there has not been a blow harder than the Chechnya conference for Wahhabism and it should be highlighted as the onset for a movement and an awakening against Wahhabism.”

He concluded that Wahhabi muftis, for their part, excommunicated all participants in this conference from Islam.

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