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Confrontation with Takfiri thoughts through Islamic unity

n00151138-bSheikh Mohammad Amin Abdul Hakim, Muslim scholar from Iraq, in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) in the sideline of 27th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran said true confrontation with Takfir takes place in the light of Islamic unity.

He added,” Throng of terror attacks in different regional countries is due to lack of unity; hence, Muslims have to prevent spread of the issue by coexistence and Islamic fraternity.”

Iraqi scholar denounced religious prejudice as another challenge ahead of the world of Islam and said,” Religious prejudice is absolutely rejected when all Muslims from any Islamic denomination are common in their religious principles.”

He also slammed desecration of religious sanctities and noted;” These desecrations lead to sectarian strives and threat the future of Islamic nation.”

Sheikh Abdul Hakim hailed unifying efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran and highlighted the role of annual International Islamic Unity Conference for bringing Muslims closer together.

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