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Coward Butcher Netanyahu: We ‘Won’t Let’ Iran Kill Us!

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that the Zionist entity is not to allow Iran to acquire nuclear arms after Tehran said it would suspend some of its commitments to the deal over US’ withdrawal and breaches against the Islamic Republic

“This morning on my way here I heard that Iran intends to continue its nuclear program,” Netanyahu said at a ceremony on Israel’s annual day of remembrance for its war dead.

“We shall not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.” We ‘Won’t Let’ Iran Kill Us!

“We will continue to fight our enemies, and will strike our roots even deeper in our homeland,” the Israeli PM was quoted as saying.

Following Tehran’s announcement on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran will give a 60-day moratorium to the states parties to the nuclear deal to remedy their breaches and restore Iran’s interests enshrined by the international agreement.

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