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Coward Zionist Netanyahu Rushes into Bomb Shelter as Resistance Shakes Occupied Lands

At the time Zionist PM Netanyahu was holding an election rally Wednesday evening, he suddenly rushed into a bomb shelter as sirens warning of rocket fire went off.

“The zionist military have intercepted at least one rocket launched from the Gaza Strip in southern Israel,” Israeli Occupation Forces said in a statement. Sirens sounded in the communities near Gaza and in the city of Ashkelon.

It was the second time in recent months that rocket fire cut short one of his meetings.

Israel’s public broadcaster KAN 11 showed images of a security guard informing Netanyahu of a “red alert”. The prime minister waved goodbye before being hustled from the room with his wife Sarah.

On September 10, the head of the Likud party was evacuated from an election rally in the southern city of occupied Ashdod after sirens warned of an attack from the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

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