Damascus car bombings disrupt TV programing


Two terror car bombs have gone off in the Syrian capital of Damascus near the city Umawiyeen Square and the building holding the state broadcasting network, Al-Alam reports.
The blast caused a temporary disruption of the programs on the nation’s al-Ikhbariya TV network.
Al-Alam correspondent in Damascus reports the interruption in al-Ikhbariya programing was caused by the shifting direction of a number of the network’s satellite dishes as the result of strong dual explosions, and is expected to be repaired soon.
According to the report, the blasts did not damage the building holding the broadcasting network and only partially destroyed some of the concrete blocks around the construction.
Moreover, a body has been spotted near the site of the two blast and probably belongs to one of the terrorists that set off their explosives.
The explosions were also confirmed by Syrian television and the country’s official news agency SANA.
SANA said the bombings were carried out by two suicide terrorists onboard their vehicles.
It further added that the blasts caused “only material damage to the wall of the General Establishment of Radio and Television, with no injuries reported.”
Citing “a source on the ground,” SANA estimated the amount of explosives used in each car at 100 kilograms, noting that one car was a Hyundai and the other was a Honda.

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