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Damascus Sermon 3- The Signal of Islamic Revolution of Iran in Risale-i Nur by Bediüzzaman Said Nursi( 1873- 1960)

By the break of Day; vow to break of Day!; Vow to The Inqilab-i Islami Sun which lighting our century…

Oh my brothers in this Umayyad Mosque as well as those in the vast mosque of the world of Islam! You, too, take warning. Take warning from the dreadful events of the last forty-five years. Come right to your senses! Oh you who are wise and thoughtful and consider yourselves to be enlightened!

We Muslims, who are students of the Qur’an, follow proof; we approach the truths of belief through reason, though, and our hearts. We do not abandon proof in favour of blind obedience and imitation of the clergy like some adherents of other religions. Therefore, in the future, when the intellect, science and technology prevail, of a certainty, that will be the time the Qur’an will gain ascendancy, which relies on rational proofs and invites the intellect to confirm its pronounce

Moreover, the veils that eclipse the sun of Islam, hinder its emergence and prevent it illuminating mankind have begun to disperse. Those things that were hindering it have begun to fall back. The signs of the dawn appeared forty-five years ago. The true dawn broke in 1371, or it will break. Even if that was the false dawn, in thirty(1401) or forty(1411) years time the true dawn will break.

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