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Dec 30 marches manifested able hand of Allah

Leader of Ummah Imam Ali Khamenei said Saturday morning the December 30 nationwide marches in support of the Islamic Republic were memorable and manifested the able hand of God, adding that the aliens by making charges that the marches were arranged by the government inadvertently acknowledged that the Islamic Republic enjoys a strong public approval.
Imam Ali Khamenei made the remarks in a meeting with thousands of people from the Qom Province on the occasion of the anniversary of January 9 1977 Qom Uprising against the deposed Pahlavi Regime.
The Leader of Islamic Revolution said some events have become landmarks in history due to the people’s endeavor in achieving their goals and Dec. 30, 2009 is one of such events.
Imam Ali Khamenei referred to the event as the manifestation of God’s able hand and said the event was doubly important in light of the current political situation.
Imam Ali Khamenei emphasized on the complexity of decision making at the time of political sedition and said in the Battle of Siffin (May-July 657 CE) those who assumed devotion to Islam were fighting Imam Ali and Ammar Yasser illuminated the matter that there was no difference between fighting against the Last Messenger of God and those who stood against Imam Ali only that the latter pretended to support Islam, the Quran and the Messenger.
The Leader of Islamic Revolution concluded that since the early stages of the Islamic Revolution the US, UK, royalists, and the rest of the arrogant powers fought against the late Imam Khomeini and it has continued to the present.
Imam Ali Khamenei asserted that nothing has changed and the enemies of the Islamic Government has been lining up since before the election.
The Leader of Revolution stated that the event of December 30 was the result of nation’s wisdom and said it is not enough even if we thank God for this wisdom hundreds of time.
Imam Ali Khamenei added that the nations’ awareness and presence are the custodians of the revolution and constant fear for the arrogant powers.
The IR Leader then said that the arrogant powers have faced a defeat in their assessments about the recent developments in Iran, adding that the awareness of the Iranian nation has foiled their plots and that the imperialists try to prevent the Islamic Ummah from hearing the voice of foresight and preparedness of the nation.
The IR Leader said the anger of the youths across the country over the desecration of Ashura and Imam Hossein (AS) was natural, adding however that all people should be cautious not to help the enemy sedition by taking uncontrolled moves.
Imam Ali Khamenei reiterated that the enemy is planning a complicated sedition adding we should perform cautiously and decide on time so that the enemy plot is foiled.
The IR Leader then urged the responsible organs to follow the rules in this regard.
Pointing to the Holy Quran’s call to justice and moderation, Imam Ali Khamenei said that all people should avoid uncontrolled behaviors and perform according to the law.
The IR Leader said the mass presence of the nation in the December 30 rallies was a final notice, adding that the heads of the three branches of the government heard the nation’s demands and should do their duties against rioters.
Imam Ali Khamenei noted that the enemy seeks to block the country’s economic and scientific progress and hinder the strong presence of the Islamic Republic at international arenas.
The IR Leader then described the huge presence of the nation as the most significant support for the system. He rejected the charges of the alien media that the December 30 rallies were arranged by the government, adding by making such charges, the enemy inadvertently acknowledged that the Islamic Republic enjoys a strong public approval and that no government in the world could arrange such a huge national gathering and bring people to the streets in the course of two days.
Imam Ali Khamenei said under the auspices of Imam Khomeini and sacrifice of the martyrs, the people and the government have formed a single reality and that all the authorities, he himself too, make drops of the large ocean of nation.

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