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Democratic Dictators start to collapse with Berlusconi

zionist companies-backed Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi has confirmed he will not run for office in the country’s next elections after agreeing to resign once key economic reforms have been approved.

“I will resign as soon as the budget law is passed, and, since I believe there is no other majority possible, I see elections being held at the beginning of February and I will not be a candidate in them,” Reuters quoted Berlusconi as saying in an interview with La Stampa newspaper.

On Tuesday, Berlusconi promised to resign following a key parliamentary vote on public finance that he won without gaining the absolute majority of 316 seats.

Italy has been under pressure since last week when the government agreed to special monitoring from the International Monetary Fund and the European Union to show it was adopting crucial economic reforms to cut its massive debt.

There is growing fear among EU leaders that Italy could be sucked into the crisis that has already claimed Greece, Ireland and Portugal.

Italy faces a nearly two-trillion-euro debt that is 120 percent of its Gross Domestic Product. A 60-billion-euro austerity package to balance the budget by 2013 was passed in August.

Berlusconi, 75, is also currently a defendant in three ongoing trials for bribery, tax fraud and abuse of power.

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