Developed countries implementing Islamic teachings



Speaking at the Imam Ali Foundation in London, Shaykh Khalid Abdul-Wahhab al-Mulla, the chairman of Iraq’s Council of Sunni Scholars, said, “Malicious and aggressive cries can be heard in Muslim societies and scholars are sincerely combating this problem.”

According to Rasa, the Iraqi Sunni cleric referred to the lofty status of the Ahlul-Bayt and said that the Imams were not only concerned with the affairs of the Muslim community but rather they gave attention to all of humanity. “The advanced countries of the world are implementing the teachings of the Ahlul-Bayt without realizing it,” he said.

Shaykh al-Mulla said that the Imams never sought to impose their hegemony over the people or to achieve power but rather they sought to implement the teachings of Islam and they especially emphasized the rights of the oppressed.

He said this shows that the Imams did not seek power and saw it as their duty to assume this position. This is despite the fact that some rulers in the Muslim world believe that power belongs to only them and their families.

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