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Devil’s Advocate producer helped Israel make nuclear weapons

Devil's Advocate producer helped Israel make nuclear weapons

Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan has confirmed that he helped Israel develop its nuclear weapons program as a spy, according to the investigative television program Uvda on the Israeli Channel 2.
The book “Confidential” details Milchan’s double life as a hotshot and Israeli intelligence operative, which the multi-billionaire never discussed on the record.
Milchan reportedly told interviewer Ilana Dayan that he set up bank accounts and companies to acquire material and equipment for Israel’s secretive LAKAM economic espionage unit.
He reportedly operated 30 companies in 17 different countries at the peak of his spying activity.
“Do you know what it was like to be a 20-something guy whose country decided to let him be James Bond? Wow! The action! That was exciting,” Milchan, who was born in 1944 in Palestine before Israel occupation, told Dayan.
In the 70s, Milchan brokered deals for hundreds of millions of dollars between Israel and US companies for helicopters, missiles, and other equipment.
Milchan, who is good friends with current Israeli President Shimon Peres, told Uvda that he then helped Israel obtain key nuclear equipment and information while Peres built the Dimona nuclear reactor as Director-General of the Ministry of Defense.
Milchan’s company, Heli Trading Co., brokered the shipment of 800 krytons — sophisticated triggers for nuclear weapons — from the California company MILCO International Inc. to the Israeli Ministry of Defense between 1979 and 1983.
In 1985, the US indicted MILCO President Kelly Smyth on 30 counts of smuggling and making false statements.
Milchan is a multi-billionaire Hollywood film producer who has produced over 120 full-length motion pictures.
Milchan’s films include The War of the Roses, Once Upon a Time in America, Pretty Woman, Natural Born Killers, Under Siege, The Devil’s Advocate, The Fountain, Unfaithful, L.A. Confidential and many others.

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