Days of Victory

Diary of August 8 2006: Ghazieh Massacre

The occupation forces committed a new massacre in Ghaziyeh town. “Israeli” jet fighters suddenly attacked citizens paying their respects in the funeral for 15 martyrs who fell in the town the day before. Four raids led to the martyrdom of another 14 individuals. Fliers thrown by “Israeli” warplanes above the Tyre area warned that the “Israeli” army will target any car moving along the roads south of the Litany because they will be seen as suspects transferring weapons and missiles.
The fliers said: “Any one driving these cars will be endangering his own life.”

The men of God went though violent confrontations with additional forces sent by the enemy along the battle fronts from Naqoura to Bent Jbeil. The enemy admitted to the death of 5 of its soldiers, the destruction of 4 tanks, and a bulldozer at the hill of Al Fraiz at the eastern sides of the town Ayneta.

The Mujahidin attacked Jabal Al Alam post near Naqoura. Other fierce battles also took place; some were at close range where individual weapons and anti-tank ballistics were used in the town of Ayneta which soon became a graveyard for enemy soldiers and their tanks.
A unit from the Golani brigade tried to reach the Al Tiri reservoir. They were confronted by the resistance men who forced the unit to retreat back to Massoud hill between Ayneta, Al Tiri, and Bent Jbeil.

“Israeli” minister of foreign affairs Tsipi Livni stated that “Siniora uses his weakness when he demands a change in the Security Council decision in a way that fortifies his strength. I’ve seen his crying. To him I say: ‘wipe your tears and start working on creating a better future.'”
The Arab Union of Journalists ratified in an urgent meeting of the general secretariat a political paper that included the condemnation of “Israeli” for deliberately trespassing international codes of conduct, disregarding the bill of human rights, and the Geneva agreements.

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