Days of Victory

Diary of July 14 2006: Battleship Saar 5 Targeted

On July 14 2006, witnessed by millions of viewers and only a few days after the start of the Zionist aggression on Lebanon, Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah surprised everyone, friend and foe alike, when he announced that the surprises he had promised are about to start now, stating the following verbatim: “Now at sea, the “Israeli” battleship that attacked our infrastructure and people’s homes and civilians, watch it burn and sink, to drown with it dozens of Zionist soldiers. This is only the beginning and we will meet at the end (of this battle) to talk at length.”

This style of a declaration surprised everyone, prompting spontaneous rejoice and celebrations, public eyes became glued to satellite channels to see the anticipated scene.

Shortly afterwards everyone saw the “Israeli” Sa’ar-5 battleship getting a direct hit by the Islamic resistance rockets. Engulfed in flames, it sank with the officers and soldiers on board. The Zionist enemy denied the ship was hit at first, but aired footage of the ship engulfed in flames forced the enemy to admit its hit and claimed that only four soldiers were killed on the ship.

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