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Diplomatic War on Lebanon Mere Camouflage: Saudi Royals See Hezbollah as Existential Threat

In light of the diplomatic warfare launched by Saudi Arabia on Lebanon, political observers have wondered whether remarks made by one of the Lebanese ministers before taking office can lead to this escalation.

The Lebanese information minister, George Kordahi, said in an interview last August that the Saudi-led war on Yemen is arbitrary. Consequently, the Saudi authorities demanded the resignation of Kordahi, expelled the Lebanese ambassador to Riyadh, and withdrew their ambassador to Beirut.

In an interview, Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud clarified that the current crisis with Lebanon is caused by Hezbollah role at home and in the region.

Thus, Farhan said it conspicuously; Saudi’s trouble is exclusively Hezbollah.

The Saudi royals see Hezbollah as an existential threat to their main scheme of normalizing ties with the Israeli enemy. The scheme is not just normalizing toes between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, but between all the Arabs and the Zionists.

Hezbollah presence, role, and success represent a nightmare that haunts the Saudi royals who are planning to establish a new geopolitical situation in the Middle East, titled by “Saudi-Israeli Alliance in face of Iran”.

So, Saudi Arabia is trying to utilize the fragile stance of some Lebanese parties in order to achieve a political victory over Hezbollah in Lebanon. However, the steadfastness and wisdom of Hezbollah and its allies will frustrate the Saudi scheme and oblige KSA to back off.

The Saudi regional policy has completely failed in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine. Thus, Lebanon, which has defeated ‘Israel’ and the takifiri groups, will not allow the old kingdom to achieve any victory in this unfair confrontation.

Lebanon wants to maintain positive relations with Saudi; however, the Lebanese will never accept for these relations to be established at the expense of their dignity.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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