Disappearance of Zionist regime in near future


Iran’s President has said the apartheid regime is on the brink of destruction and disappearance.
Commenting on the arrogant Zionist regime crimes, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was speaking in closing session of the International Scholars Conference and Islamic Awakening last night, said that “today’s Islamic awakening, Islamic civilization and Islamic unity is extremely far beyond the reach of some, and a matter of concern for most Muslims. “When it comes to Islamic Awakening, it’s nothing but, the return to the true Islam.”

Iranian President said: “today oppressed nations [Palestine] are under the most brutal uncivilized executioners of history that destroy even their homes, but the question is, what we have to do about it?”

He continued: “we should get close to our goal, there are many Muslim groups now, which have different goals, one fights for power, and another to convert others to his faith.”

He pointed out that if we did not have a global slogan for Islam, we would fail against the arrogant powers. “they are killing people in the name of democracy, what is our motto? Our motto is monotheism, unity of the human rights for humanity. But the real question is who could establish monotheism and justice as the Prophet understood it.”

Ahmadinejad continued: “today the arrogant are bullying in Afghanistan and Iraq and have created division in Iraq. Today in Syria who is killing who? The arrogant spend the riches of other nations for the killing of Muslims. I’m here to tell you that alliance with arrogant, will not have good outcome, just like Saddam, they use you like a tissue, and then thrown it away.”

“They have reached an impasse today, seeking to create conflict among Muslims in Asia and Latin America. The Zionist regime will disappear soon. Today there is a massive awakening waves going on, and people are wakening,” he continued.

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